About Alyssa

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My name is Alyssa, and I’ve been doing improv of one kind or another since 2001. I’ve taught introductory improv at Westside Improv Studio, where I perform with Flexible Boat and Circus Police.

I started learning long form at Wheaton College, where I performed for four years and directed for about two years. After I got my feet wet at Wheaton, I trained at iO Chicago,* and I helped coordinate Open Source Improv.

The name “Thank You, Red Ball!” comes from this game. It is my favorite game.

When I’m not doing improv, you might find me teaching Latin at The Greenhouse. Sometimes I’m teaching improv there, too.

Practicing improv has helped me be better at being in church. I know many (most) Christians are not improvisors, and I know many (most) improvisors are not Christians. If you are either (or both!), let’s be friends. We have plenty to talk about. Say hi in the comments, or you can find me on Twitter.

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