Free Class by the numbers

From December 2014 until a couple of months ago, I taught a weekly free introductory improv class at Westside. I thought of it as recess for grown ups, and I loved it. It was a low-risk way for people who had never been on a stage before to try it out, and it was a way for people who have improvised for years to play with new people and remind themselves why they started doing improv in the first place.

I left for a few weeks to recover from childbirth, and by the time I came back, most of the improvisers who had been coming regularly had joined teams, enrolled in more advanced workshops, or had otherwise moved on. The weekly Free Class is no more.

(If this makes you sad, you should know that Westside’s Jam is still free, and their improv classes are about half the price of other suburban training centers. Here’s some info!)

Over the next few days/weeks/whenever I have a break, I’m going to write out more of what we did during a normal week of Free Class. For now, here are some Free Class stats:

  • 33total number of classes I taught
  • 48number of classes there were total from December 2, 2014 through October 27, 2015.
  • 448number of people who took the class, if you don’t take into account that many players came more than once
  • 113number of people who actually came through the class
  • 11.2average number of players each week
  • 3.14average number of new players each week (and also π). I only had one week with no new faces.
  • 22number of players in the largest class
  • 1number of players in the smallest class. Yep, I taught a one-on-one improv class to someone who had never performed before, and she rocked it.
  • 10approximate age of the youngest player I taught.
  • 60-somethingapproximate age of the oldest player I taught, though my guess could be far off in either direction
  • 2number of weeks between the last full class I taught and the day my kid was born

One thought on “Free Class by the numbers

  1. David Barron

    I LOVED your class. I don’t know how many times I came to the class, but I definitely skewed the numbers. I miss them. They made me fall in love with Improv so much I started paying for classes there. After the 12 week class, the 8 week class and Players Workshop, I now fully appreciate the format and method of your class. When these classes resurrect, you can be sure to see me there often. I like your simile that it is like a yoga class, you will always need a reminder to breathe.


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